Developer Diary #12 — Forward Movement

This must have been the week to wrap things up. I now have two finished games to write about. As I wrote in the last post, I have been working with a local business. Now that the project is over, I can share some details.

The game is called JuJuBerry: The Game. JuJuBerry is a frozen yogurt store. It turns out frozen yogurt is highly adaptable to games. They have over 80 different toppings and 18 different flavors of yogurt which change regularly (nothing beats fringe flavors like Red Velvet and French Toast soft serve). I decided the toppings would make a great matching game, so I took the very popular “match three” model and gave it my own twist. The project took about a month and overall was a joy to work on. I spent a lot of time and energy on devising ways to help bring people into the store via the game. The coming months will tell how beneficial the game has been to the business.


Play Here

After finishing JuJuBerry: The Game I moved on to Breakout Cove, which has been sitting sadly idle while my focus was diverted. I took a couple days and wrapped up the end-game and found/created the sounds and wrestled them into cross-platform submission. I am very pleased with the result. I hope to use the new skills I have acquired while working on this to influence my future work. I have placed a link in my portfolio and am taking orders for non-exclusive licenses.


Play Here

Both of these games are a big step forward for me. Looking back at my portfolio I can see a dramatic increase in both focus and quality for these games. I am figuring out what to spend my time on, how to transition between segments of the game fluidly and coherently, and how to direct the player without being frustrating. I am also seeing a maturing of my art style (which in its current form is only about a year old) that is moving from “pretty” to “polished”. I have a long way to go yet, but the forward movement has definitely been encouraging.