Developer Diary #3

I’m feeling the crunch on level design this week. On the one hand, things are going beautifully. For the first time, I feel in control of the decisions I make when I sit down to create a level. I have purpose and can explain my reasons for including certain elements, puzzles, levels of complexity, levels of difficulty, etc. People have responded favorably and predictably in all of my testing. If a level was in need of revision, almost everyone responded to it with the same questions. Instead of randomly poking at things, people are stopping to think–and the only difference is the levels they are presented. I’m thrilled, of course, but a little over half-way through the 45 levels I decided to create, the process of intentionally and intelligently weaving all of the previous elements together is getting quite daunting. So I am excited to finally feel in control of the levels I create–and I’m ready to be done creating them.

This week is Spring Break for the graduate school my wife and I attend, so I am revving my engines to (hopefully) have the first draft of the levels complete. With this done, my development partner and I can comb through them and remove, rewrite, and rearrange. I will also be doing a great deal of testing. If anyone reading this is interested in giving some feedback before April of 2013, get in touch! Your opinion is precious to this under-connected indie.